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  • Promotional Products Magento Extension

    Views: 777 Added Date: 17 May 2017 Biztech Consultancy Like
    Magento Extension: Promotional Products Magento Extension

    CMS: Magento  Version: 1.9 Type: extension

    Gifts and offers are most appealing aspects for any shopper! Have you integrated gift options/promotional products in your online store? If not, time’s now to attract wider spectrum of customers to your store!

    Wondering how to integrate it? We can help through Gift Promotions On Cart Total extension! This extension has been developed to help merchants to display gift and promotional products on their e-store on a certain Cart Total (Purchase Price)!

    On reaching a certain purchase price range, these promotional products would be visible to your customer and allow them to proceed for purchasing. This price range can entirely be decided by you! It gives you the liberty to display the promotional products only to exclusive customers who purchases products that exceed certain price slab, as defined by the admin!      

    Core Features
    • Displays Promotional Products in frontend

      You can display the promotional products in the frontend of your e-store in the cart page.

    • Manages Promotion Price

      It retains the predefined price range of purchase set by the admin, crossing which the customers would be able to view and select the promotional products.

    • Displays in Cart Page or Checkout Page

      There is provision for the admin to decide where to display the promotional products – on Cart page or directly on Checkout page in frontend.

    • Easy to Install and Use

      This extension is easy to install and configure and equally simple to use by the admin and the customers both!

    • Works for Multiple Stores 

      This extension can be installed and managed for multiple store, given specific need and choice of the store owner.

    Users Gain
    • Chance to get Promotional Products

      Online shoppers would be able to avail free gifts or promotional products on purchases that exceeds a predefined price range!

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