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  • Salesforce CRM Integration

    Views: 220 Added Date: 11 January 2017 James Like

    Magento Extension: Salesforce CRM Integration

    CMS: Magento  Version: 1.3 Type: extension


    If you are looking for a module that integrates from Magento to Salesforce CRM, so Salesforce CRM Integration for Magento extension is the best solution for you. This extension provides a flexible way of integrating Magento Products, Orders, Invoices, Customers, Promotions with Salesforce CRM in a simple way.

    In the lastest version 1.2.1, the most specialization is the module supports synchronizing special data like Invoices, Custom Invoices, Custom Customer and Custom Product with Custom Fields. Allows to synchronize old and new data with smart options. You can totally decide which data of Magento will be mapped with each field of Salesforce CRM

    Magenest surely this would be a powerful tool to enhance effectively the controlling your business and promoting your products to customers.

    Key features

    Allows synchronizing and updating Customers from Magento store into Salesforce CRM LeadsContactsAccounts


    Allows synchronizing Orders from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Orders


    Allows synchronizing Promotions from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Campaigns


    Allows synchronizing and updating Products from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Products


    Allows synchronizing Product Categories from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Price Book


    Allows creating Custom Fields in and synchronizing Custom Invoices from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Custom Invoices


    Allows synchronizing Custom Invoice Items


    Allows creating Custom Fields in, synchronizing and updating Custom Customers from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Custom Customers


    Allows creating Custom Fields in, synchronizing and updating automatically Custom Products from Magento store into Salesforce CRM Custom Products


    Allows deleting customer and product's records in Magento once they are auto deleted in Salesforce CRM Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Products, Custom Customers and Custom Products


    Allows synchronizing and reporting about synchronizing old data


    Allows admins to select conditions to transfer old data from Magento store into Salesforce CRM


    Support mapping smartly manually between Magento attributes and Salesforce fields or custom fields


    Allows admins define the mapping fields in backend with ease


    Admin can view the log to see what is synchronized between two apps


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