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  • Wordpress Widget Management Plugin

    Views: 1172 Added Date: 17 May 2017 Biztech Consultancy Like

    Wordpress Plugin: Wordpress Widget Management Plugin

    CMS: WordPress  Version: 2.1 Type: plugin

    Management and Installation of New Widgets Became Easier

    Now, the admin of WP blog can easily drag and put the widgets of their choice to their website easily without scrolling up and down to search for the desired place in the widget area to place the dragged widget. The “fixed widget area” WP plugin freezes the right side widget area and make it convenient for the admin to drag and drop the desired widgets in the right side widget area without scrolling the page up and down.

    Core Features
    • Easy to download and activate
    • It freezes the right side widget area
    User’s Gain
    • It will help admin to easily drag and place the widgets in desired sequence without scrolling the page.
    • It saves time and effort of the admin in scrolling the right side widget area to place the dragged widget.

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