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  • WooCommerce Sell Tickets

    Views: 352 Added Date: 16 December 2016 paulsimmons Like

    Wordpress Plugin: WooCommerce Sell Tickets

    CMS: WordPress  Version: 2.1 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

    You can sell events tickets online by using WooCommerce sell tickets addon by FMEAddons. This plugin displays events on Google supported calendar which make easy for your users to see the upcoming events.This calendar shows events by date, week and month, moreover when the user clicks any event on the calendar it displays events details in a popup window.

    When the user clicks anywhere in a popup window, he directed to an event page containing event related video, venue, date, images with complete event details. Events plugin helps you to increase the sales of your tickets and you can get free lifetime support with this extension. 

    Download: WooCommerce Sell Tickets




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