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  • WooCommerce Ask a Question Extension by FMEAddons

    Views: 353 Added Date: 19 December 2016 paulsimmons Like

    Wordpress Plugin: WooCommerce Ask a Question Extension by FMEAddons

    CMS: WordPress  Version: 2.1 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

    You can create the FAQ section on product pages to answer the basic product questions by customers by using WooCommerce ask a question plugin by FMEAddons. This extension not only allows your users to ask product question but they also can answer the question asked by other users. If other users find the answers helpful they can like the answers as well.

    Customers can get product related information by click "Ask a product Question" button on the product page after that ask a question plugin will send notify email to user and admin as well. FMEAddons is also providing lifetime free support on their products. 

    Download:WooCommerce Ask A Question




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