Views Hierarchical Taxonomy Filter

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Drupal Module: Views Hierarchical Taxonomy Filter

CMS: Drupal Version: 7 Type: module Extension Topic: Site Search

Views Hierarchical Taxonomy Filter extends Views with an option of using hierarchical taxonomy select in a capacity of the exposed filter.

The module adds to Views a special filter that enables selecting taxonomy terms of the specified vocabulary consecutively.

The selection considers terms hierarchy and uses AJAX for set of “select” type fields, in which a value of each next depends on the value of the previous.

It works in combination with other taxonomy filters, including the same filter, used for the other vocabulary.



Current version doesnt work on views with attachments.

The module is provided AS/IS. It’s works perfectly using nodes and taxonomy. I can’t test all the combinatios of modules, configurations, hooks, etc. If you have some special config, please contact me before purchase.

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