Palette - 4 in 1 Drupal Theme Color Switcher

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Drupal Module: Palette - 4 in 1 Drupal Theme Color Switcher

CMS: Drupal Version: 7 Type: module Extension Topic: Multimedia Display

Palette is an amazing Drupal 7 extension you can install on your own themes to make their colors editable and easily change them using a group of Base Color Sets, a Color Picker and a Live Preview. IMPORTANT : Note this is an extension for theme developers and installing it isn´t just copy paste. Read carefully the Installation Instructions described on the docs.

Item Special Features

Drupal 7 Support with just 4 Steps Installation.

Compatible with All Popular Drupal Themes: Zen, Fusion, Adaptive, Omega and any other Drupal theme including free themes or even commercial ones.

Detailed documentation you can read right now.

4 StarterKits in one package

4 Sample Base Themes with the installed module for you to test.

Easy to use color picker for color selection. HEX mode also included (you can copy/paste HEX color values).

3 Live previews (one for each StarterKit except for Palette 1).

+30 Base Color Sets to use as start point for creating your owns.

CSS3 Transitions for color swap.

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