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Drupal Module: Views Slideshow

CMS: Drupal Version: 6 Type: module Extension Topic: Slideshow

Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View. Powered by jQuery, it is heavily customizable: you may choose slideshow settings for each View you create.

Potential uses

  •     News item slideshow (such as the title, image and teaser of the last 5 news articles submitted)
  •     The Last X number of X submitted (images, videos, blog entries, forum posts, comments, testimonials, etc.).
  •     Rotate any image, based on any filters you can apply in views.
  •     Hottest new products for any ecommerce drupal site.
  •     Rotate contact links, share links, etc.
  •     Heck, you could rotate entire nodes, categories, image galleries, etc. I wouldn't suggest it, but you have that power.
  •     Its also a great space saver. Places where you had multiple images or multiple items such as RSS feeds or category listings can now be presented in a slideshow.

The possibilities are really endless, as the more ways you can think of to categorize and add to views, the more you can rotate.

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