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Joomla Extension: World Time

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#mod_WorldTime {font-size:1.0em;color:#14127E; line-height: 1.4em;} #mod_WorldTime i {padding:0 10px 0 10px;letter-spacing:1px;} This is a simple javascript time module displaying multiple time zones with images and daylight time saving support courtesy of ( You can customize this module to add your own city as fallows: Create a gif image for your city (140 x 140) and place in the images directory modules/mod_WorldTime/images/ Edit parameter default_city in file: modules/mod_WorldTime/mod_WorldTime.xml by adding a new line for your city in the format: <option value="{CtiyName};{CtiyImage};{CityZone};{DST start};{DST end};{Flag}" >{CtiyName}</option> Where: {CtiyName} is the name of your city {CtiyImage} is the name of the image file for your city {CtiyZone} is the time offset from GMT for your city {DST start} is the day light saving time start or your city {DST end} is the day light saving time stop for your city {Flag} is a time adjustment flag, meaning: -1    If January 1st falls within the day light saving time period.  0    Apply DST  1    Don't Apply DST Example: <option value="Beirut;xBeirut.gif;2;Mar 25 02:00:00 EST;Oct 28 23:59:00 EST;0">Beirut</option> Test on your website! Good Luck!

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