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Joomla Extension: RJ_InsertCode

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=============================================================================== Author Ryan Juckett http://www.ryanjuckett.com/ =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Required Installation Steps TinyMCE 3.x 1) Unzip the .zip file containing the plugin. 2) Copy the rj_insertcode folder into the TinyMCE plugins folder. 3) Register the plugin during your call to tinyMCE.Init(). a) Add 'rj_insertcode' to the plugins list. For example plugins: "myPlugin1, myPlugin2, rj_insertcode" b) Add 'rj_insertcode' to a toolbar row in the theme list. For example theme_advanced_buttons1: "myButton1, myButton2, rj_insertcode" JCE 1.5.x (Joomla Content Editor) 1) Install the .zip file through the JCE administration menu. 2) Prevent Joomla 1.5.8 from modifying highlighted code containing HTML. a) In the Joomla administration menu, click the "Content" button in the top menu and select 'Article Manager' b) Click the 'Parameters' button in the top right of the Article Manager. c) Scroll down to the bottom of the parameters window and select 'Registered' in the 'Filter Groups' section and check the 'Blacklist (Default)' option for the 'Filter Type' d) Scroll to the top of the parameters window and press the save button. Other If you are installing to an environment not listed here and you should be able to use the basic TinyMCE installation above. You can also check http://www.ryanjuckett.com/ for any updated installation steps or help. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Optional Installation Steps These steps will let you tweak and customize the RJ_InsertCode plugin. They require knowing where you installed RJ_InsertCode to on your website. Lets quickly run through a scenario of where that might be. If you know where your TinyMCE installation is, then the RJ_InsertCode plugin will be in the "plugins/rj_insertcode" folder under your TinyMCE folder. If you are unsure of where your TinyMCE is located, here is one example. If you are using the JCE editor for Joomla 1.5, and you have Joomla installed at "http://www.example.com/MyJoomla", then you can find TinyMCE at "http://www.example.com/MyJoomla/plugins/editors/jce/tiny_mce". 1) Change supported languages. This plugin uses GeSHi (http://qbnz.com/highlighter/) to perform the code highlighting. To remove a supported language, delete the "[RJ_INSERTCODE_FOLDER]/geshi/geshi/[LANGUAGE_NAME].php" file. You can also add support for new languages by uploading GeSHi language files to the same directory. If you wanted to disable highlighting for C++ and you would delete the "[RJ_INSERTCODE_FOLDER]/geshi/geshi/cpp.php" file. 2) Support class based style sheets. By default, code will be highlighted using inline style information. If you are highlighting large blocks of code, this can result in a large amount of generated HTML. To reduce the size of your HTML code, you can choose to use "class style sheets" from the code editing dialog. The only catch is that you need to link the style sheets into your website for it to do you much good. To create cascading style sheet files for your supported languages, you can load "[RJ_INSERTCODE_FOLDER]/php/rj_cssgen.php" in your browser. This will let you generate style sheets for any individual language or generate a style sheet combining all supported languages. You can then upload your new css file(s) and add them to your website. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Changelog: ver 1.1.1 - French language packs are now UTF-8 encoded. - French translations have been updated thanks to Sarki (www.sarki.ch) - Editing html file now aligns the inputs in a pleasing manner thanks to Sarki (www.sarki.ch) ver 1.1.0 - Made font size pixel based to improve consistency between different browsers. - Added 'verticle-align: top' spans to wrap each line of code. This fixed alignment issues between the line number cell and the code cell when code was using bold or italic font styles. - Removed rj_insertcode.css. The relevant styles now get baked into the language stylesheet files. - Removed the style sheet language files from the installation. Users desiring style sheet support can use rj_cssgen.php to generate the files they need. - Added option for turning off line numbers. - Updated README instructions to reflect the changes in using class based styles. - Added german language files thanks to Achim aka cybergurk (www.filmanleitungen.de) ver 1.0.0 - Initial version =============================================================================== =============================================================================== This plugin is derived from the following work: Nigel McNie, Benny Baumann, Milian Wolff http://qbnz.com/highlighter/ Developers of GeSHi Mike Sullivan http://www.analyticsedge.com/ Packaged InsertCode as a JCE 1.0.x plugin using bot repackaging from Alastair Patrick @ thinkpond.org. Maxime Lardenois http://www.jpnp.org/ Created original InsertCode plugin for TinyMCE. ===============================================================================

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