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Joomla Extension: JFBAlbum

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.1 Type: component Extension Topic: Social Display

This Joomla extension displays Facebook Page (also called Fanpage) albums into your joomla website. Use the powerful servers of Facebook to host and administer your photos and use this extension to display them on your site. You can display single album view (menu or module) or 2 level gallery view (only menu)

** new: responsive lightbox and layouts (note: slidergrid layouts are NOT responsive)


1. Page (Also called Fanpage)... where people 'like'

NOT supported:

1. Personal Profile (Where people add you as a friend)

2. Groups




Images are not downloaded in your server (only links are downloaded). Which saves your server's disk space and bandwidth

Image description is shown as caption

Ability to merge multiple album (just put multiple link in parameter) into one

Set width and height of the thumbnails

Set different thumbsize and other styles for each instance

Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with Facebook)

Ability to Shuffle images (Randomize)

2 different lightbox to choose from. One fixed width (full size image) one responsive.

Total number of images can be set

4 layouts for Module view and 2 layouts for Component view

Component views support pagination

Horizontal and Vertical SliderGrid layout for modules with attractive sliding animation (30 animation presets)

Animation time can be adjusted for SliderGrid for faster or slower animation

Autoplay control for slider (in slider related layouts). Autoplay timer can be adjusted

Custom Row and Column input for SliderGrid layout. Make the grid you want

Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click

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