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Joomla Extension: Header Tags

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.0 Type: plugin Extension Topic: Admin Navigation

The Header Tags plugin gives you more control over the heading tags (h1-h6) in your website. The plugin searches for existing heading tags within the selected content area and handles them according to your specifications. So if want all the H4 tags in your site to be changed to H3, you can!

The default behaviour after installing the plugin, is checking if there is a H1 tag in the output of the component. If none are found, the plugin changes the first H2 tag into a H1.

The content area is where the plugin searches for heading tags. The component output is like the main content section of your website. This way the plugin ignores any heading tags which may exist in your template or modules. If you want to control ALL the header tags of your website, select entire page.

For each tag you can specify if the tag is mandatory, so the tag should exist at least once. If it doesn't, you can select from which tag the first one should be changed.

You can also select how many times a tag is allowed, and to what the excess tags should be changed to.

Exclude (new feature!):
Sometimes the plugins finds more heading tags than you'd want to handle, and this can be excluded but therefor the tags must have some signature. For now the plugin supports excluding by either a class or an id attribute. To exclude tags, enter the value for the selected attribute, you can specify multiple values to test against. Any values entered horizontaly devided by a space must ALL exist in the attribute, any value enter on a new line may EITHER exist for the attribute value to be excluded.
I.e. if you enter on one line 'class_a class_b', only the heading tags which contains BOTH classes (in any order) will be excluded. If you enter class_a and class_b on two lines, the tags containing either class_a OR class_b will be excluded.

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