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Joomla Extension: HexData

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.0 Type: component Extension Topic: Data Import & Export

HexData is Joomla's most innovative Data Manipulation Extension. For now It's a Simple and Flexible data import/Export solution. It allows admin to import / export data sets in / from any of Database tables through CSV files. HexData also supports plugin to match your specific requirement.

  •  Simple and Flexible data import / export solution.
  •  Import any CSV file, regardless of size or number of columns.
  •  Export Data from any of the database table to a CSV file
  •  Using HexData extension you can import contents inside joomla default table and any custom components too.
  •  Easily associate CSV columns with Joomla databse fields, or simply skip columns that are not needed.
  •  Very flexible to every change.
  •  Support Extensions to match your specific requirements

HexData supports all existing Joomla Components. Some of these extensions are listed below:

  •  VirtueMart, Joomshoping, Hika Shop, RedShop etc
  •  EZ Realty
  •  K2
  •  AcyMailing
  •  Joomla Content, Joomla Categories
  •  All existing Joomla Components


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