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Joomla Extension: Custom Filters Pro

CMS: Joomla Version: 2.5 Type: component Extension Topic: Site Navigation

Is a filtering system for searching products using Categories, Manufacturers, Custom fields and Price range. It is very fast and highly configurable,
supplying features used by the major eshops on the planet like Amazon and ebay


Filtering using:

  •     Categories
  •     Manufacturers
  •     Price Range(using slider and text inputs)
  •     Custom Fields

Available display types for each filter:

  •     Checkboxes
  •     Drop-down lists
  •     Buttons
  •     Links
  •     Radio buttons
  •     Range Slider and Range inputs for the price and the integer custom fields.
  •     Calendars to search within date range (date custom fields)


 Generation of filters from the Virtuemart's native custom field types (Not native plugins)
 Generation of filters also from the 'Custom Fileds For All' plugin.
 Automatic detection and display of the filters relative to the current category page or the current manufacturer page.
 AJAX for loading the module and the results updating also your browser's address bar.
 Dependencies between the filters to display only the active/relative options due to the selected criteria
 Smart Search at the top of the filters to search quickly within the list of the criteria.
 Control in which type of page each filter will be displayed. For example you can hide the categories filter in the category pages but display all of the filters in the front-page.
 Expanded/Collapsed state, to keep only the important filters expanded and the module simple
 Load Results after every selection or using a Search button
 Clear SEF URLS that can be indexed by the search engines or shared in the Social Networks
 Foldable category tree that works in unlimited depth
 Multi-Language support
 Layout selection, from the existing category layouts of Virtuemart
 RightToLeft functionality supported
 Supported by CSVI for simultaneous creation of custom fields and filters
 No hacks to core files or templates. Just plug and play
 Attention to the small details as we always do

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