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Joomla Extension: Autostand

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.0 Type: component Extension Topic: Admin Desk

Autostand is an extension, capable of managing different types of vehicles. With Autostand you can create a website to show cars, bikes, boats, or any other vechiles. With Paypal integration: Pay-to-Submit, you can control access to cars, and allow users to submit the cars by frontend.
Price includes ALL the modules and plugins and access to updates and/or additonal modules

Some of the features of Autostand:

  • Pay-To-Submit(using Paypal)
  • Multiple Categories/Sub-categories
  • Frontend Managment
  • Create extras and characteristics
  • Select the options available in search or category
  • SEF
  • Social integration (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinrest)
  • Additional extras with image
  • Import/Export cars (.csv format)
  • Makes and Model (90 Makes&380 models included)
  • Vendors
  • Metakeys & Description for vehicles and categories
  • Multilanguage
  • Multicurrency
  • Video upload
  • Image resize
  • Additional Files (Ex. worksheets; Car Manuals,etc)
  • Set diferent image size for each car
  • Templates (responsive using bootstrap)
  • Assign diferent templates for category and/or car
  • Image for category
  • Image/logo in manufacturers
  • Contacts
  • Labels (Ex. New, Used)
  • Watermark with the label image
  • reCAPTHA form validation
  • Compare Cars
  • Joomla ACL control view for cars and/or category
  • Bootstrap framework (version 3.5.0 for J! 2.5)
  • Feature Cars
  • Show Cars in main pages (Car list and Main site)
  • Content plugin to include cars in content


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