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Joomla Extension: User - TKT Cookie

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Successfuly installed tktcookie This Plugin sets a cookie that can be used by the apache module mod_auth_tkt. The mod_auth_tkt reads the cookie and automatically logins the user into apache i.e. set REMOTE_USER when basic authentication is enabled. tokens are used for security access and can be check the mod_auth_tkt If required use LDAP to get group membership from a DB and set the tkt tokens to the group names. see for the mod_auth_tkt software. I add a option to put any errors into the tkt cookie as this mod dose not display anything to the user, To see the cookie try Firefox - tools - options - show cookie, or install Firefox plugin livehttpheaders For info about the encryption please look at the php code. there is a encrypt and de-encrypt function in the code but it will not work with mod_auth_tkt p.s. i had to install linux software prce, apr, apr-iconv, apr-util, libwww-perl before i could build mod_auth_tkt into apache 2.2.4

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