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Joomla Extension: Antispam by CleanTalk

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No spam comments, no spam registrations, no spam contact emails.

Anti-spam features
1. Stops spam bots signups.
2. Stops spam bots at VirtueMart.
3. Stops spam bots at JComments 2.3, 3.0.
4. Stops spam bots contact emails from feedback from, Rapid Contact, VTEM Contact.
5. Invisible antispam without CAPTCHA, questions, puzzles, counting animals, math and etc.
6. iPhone, Android app to control signups, comments and orders at the site.
7.Compatible with Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.X

Spam protection methods
Plugin uses several simple tests to stop spammers.
1.Spam bots signatures.
2. JavaScript antispam test.
3. Checks by Email, IP, web-sites domain at spam activities list.
4. Comment submit time. Spam bots usually send post immediately after page load.
5. Relevance test for the comment. Spam bots send offtop posts, so the plugin can filter spam bots by oftop.

How to setup the antispam plugin?
Please look at setup manual 

Anti-spam plugin info
The plugin is client application for cloud anti-spam service, which daily protects 5k web-sites from spam bots. Also you can use CleanTalk app for iPhone, Android to control anti-spam service on web-site or control comments, signups, contacts and orders.

The plugin is a client application for cloud anti-spam, which are daily protects 5k web-sites from spam bots.

How the plugin is effective against spam bots?
Plugin Anti-spam by CleanTalk stops up to 100% of spam comments, spam signups (registrations) and spam contact emails. More over, by determining the relevance of the comment text, the plugin stops about 96% spam comments submitted manually via browser.

Should I use another anti spam plugins?
Use other antispam plugins not necessarily, because CleanTalk stops up to 100% of spam bots. In some cases serveral anti-spam plugins can conflist, so it will be better use just one plugin.

How can I test anti spam protection?
Please use email for comments, contacts or signups.

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