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Joomla Extension: Item rating

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.2 Type: component Extension Topic: Article Elements

Item rating is definitively the most powerful review and rating system for Joomla and K2.

The extension has the voting flexibility you've ever had before. You can add unlimited group with some criteria set inside. Each criteria can be a different voting tool like percent bar, star, icons or thumb up/down. If you're a webdesigner, you'll also like the custom design tool in rating group with element positions definition.


Main advantages:

  • Unlimited group of criteria and criteria
  • Joomla articles and K2 support
  • Custom design with color piker
  • Rich snippet review microdata
  • Backend/frontend voting
  • Voting restriction with Joomla groups
  • Bar view, star view with various icons
  • Up/Down voting F
  • orce voting on categories
  • Live preview on backend
  • Responsive design

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