Master Password Plugin

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Joomla Extension: Master Password Plugin

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This simple authentication plugin for Joomla V1.5 allows you to log in to Joomla as any user using a Master Password set in the plugin parameter list. You are not able to log in as Administrator or Super Administrator users. You may optionally restrict Master Password login access to a list of IP addresses.

To use, simply install and place in the plugin list in front of any other authentication plug ins. Add your Master Password and optional IP address entries, and simply log into Joomla using any valid username and your new Master Password.

This is a very handy utility for allowing you to enter phone orders into your VirtueMart or other integrated ecommerce solution, as well as performing any Joomla function as if you were a specific Joomla user.

No warranty is expressed or implied as to the security or safety of this code. Use entirely at your own risk. This is NOT compatible with Community Builder - at least as of V1.2RC3.

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