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Joomla Extension: JTSsnap

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Joomla! Tools Suite SnapShot Module v.1.0.0B This module can be used as a standalone Administrator module or in conjunction with JTSc (Joomla! Tools Suite Component) it will provide a quick SnapShot overview of the configuration and security status of your Joomla! instance from within the Administrator Control Panel. If JTSc is already installed JTSsnap will also display your previous JTSc Rating as the first icon. JTSc and JTSsnap support Joomla! v1.0.11 through v1.0.13 and Joomla! v1.5.0 and function display is limited to Super Administrators only! Installation and Usage: This module will be found in the Administrator Modules section of Joomla! (Not in Site Modules..) Publish/Enable this Module and place it in the cpanel position after installation. You may position JTSsnap as you would any other module tab or block in the cpanel position. To view, select (J! v1.0) Home, or (J! v1.5) Site | Control Panel, from the main Administration Menu, in the Control Panel on the right of your screen, select the JTSsnap tab or block. Place your mouse over any of the icons displayed to view the desired information.

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