Loyal Customers Drive Sales

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Magento Extension: Loyal Customers Drive Sales

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A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability 75% - Bain & Company

Highlighted Features

  •     Extension optimized for large scale businesses
  •     Focus on increasing Customer Loyalty and Higher Sales per Transaction
  •     Easy to use points on shopping cart page with the points slider
  •     Support flexible reward points rules and spending points rule
  •     Encourage Referrals and Sharing
  •     Easy to track and manage customer reward points
  •     Easy to customize the design, templates, icons and style to match your site.

For The Store Owners

Reward Customer Behavior

  •     Reward Customers for Registering on your web site
  •     Reward Customers for Signing up for your Newsletter

Reward Customer Purchases

  •     Reward points based on specific products, brands and categories (Catalog Rule)
  •     Reward points based on customer’s total purchase with flexible conditions (Shopping Cart Rule)

Reward Referrals

  •     Reward Referral Visitors
  •     Reward Referral Sign-Ups

Use Reward Points

  •     Use reward points to purchase products.
  •      Redeem points with convenience slider in the shopping cart page
  •      Allow to redeem points at the checkout page as well

Track Reward Points

  •     Customers can see reward points on many places (category / product page, registration page, sign up newsletter block...)

Allow Customers to Invite and Share with Friends

  •     Customers can invite friends via email to visit your web store

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