Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

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Magento Extension: Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

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Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing allows you to speed up products saving in a catalog and reduce loads of server.

Boost your online store administration performance with Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing extension! This extension allows you to speed up administration work of online store greatly and reduce peak loads on the server.

Every time you save a product or a category Magento produces data re-indexing in a database. Providing that the catalog is not too large this process is imperceptible for a user. However the more categories, products, attributes of a product are created, the more time for re-indexing is needed. As a result, working with administrative panel becomes uncomfortable as far as you have to wait long enough until category or product will be saved after editing. 

The graph below shows the increase of time for saving, depending on the growth of the size of the catalog.

How does the extension work?

When the store manager added a new product (category) or changed an existing product, the query to produce re-indexing of goods is stored in the table-queue. Products are quickly stored and manager goes to editing the next item.

Parallel to this the cron process runs that constantly addresses to the table-queue. As soon as it notes elements that are expecting for re-indexing it starts to index them.

So you may have a very large catalog, and a large number of managers can simultaneously work with it, but they will not wait until re-indexing happens every time they save data. They will work, and the cron process will perform data re-indexing in the background.
Extra Features

  •     Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  •     Support multiple stores and multiple languages
  •     100% open-source
  •     No core modifications. Safe Magento update
  •     30-days free support
  •     30-days money back guarantee

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