Free Gift Pro

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Magento Extension: Free Gift Pro

CMS: Magento Version: 1.4 Type: component Extension Topic: e-Commerce Integrations

Highlighted Features

  •     Very flexible catalog and shopping cart rules to reward free gifts
  •     Option to limit # of customers who receive free gift (ex. first 50 customers)
  •     Allow customer to choose free gift if they meet your conditions
  •     Add promotional banner/message to shopping cart page
  •     Free Gift Coupon Supported

For The Store Owners


  •     Support flexible catalog / shopping cart rule
  •     Catalog rules can be easily managed. The free product will be automatically added to the cart (Hot)


  •     Show free gift label and details on the category / product page
  •     Show free gift selection box on the shopping cart

For Your Customers

Customers Love Free Gifts

  •     Customers can choose free gift when rule is matched
  •     Motivate customers to buy by limited Free Gifts (ex. First 50 customers)

Examples of Rules

  •     Reward free gift for Buy X Get Y
  •     Reward free gift for Buy 3 items, Get 1 Free

Other Features

  •     Can be installed and upgraded very easily. All you need to do is copy to use
  •     Configuration is flexible and friendly
  •     Multiple stores with multiple languages are supported
  •     HTML/CSS validation
  •     Front-end can be customized easily via HTML/CSS
  •     100% open-source

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