Magento Abandoned Cart Email

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Magento Extension: Magento Abandoned Cart Email

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: component Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

Magento Abandoned Cart Email extension will help you increase your conversion rate by motivating customers to recover their abandoned carts. Send mass cart reminders, easily customize email templates and generate coupons to encourage visitors come back to your store.

  • Create unlimited number of flexible rules
  • Use customizable sending schedule
  • Easily create and edit email templates
  • Automatically generate coupons
  • Track sending history

Abandonment statistics

According to the Sale Cycle the average abandonment rate in the sales sector is over 73% and the overwhelming majority of abandonments happen in the time period between 1pm and 2 pm.

Among the common reasons for leaving their carts shoppers specify the following:

  • High shipping costs (44%)
  • Hesitation, simply being not ready to purchase (41%)
  • Too high product prices (25%)

How cart abandonment reminders can improve the situation

Keeping in mind the info about the latest cart abandonment trends you can easily elaborate more effective email sending policy.

  • First of all, by tracking the time of cart abandonments as well as the cart value of the purchases, you can better specify the segments of the target audience for your emails. This will help you create personalized email templates for each segment.
  • By setting the appropriate email sending frequency and including coupons depending on the customers’ segment you have more chances to increase your conversions.

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