Magento Product Grid Extension

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Magento Extension: Magento Product Grid Extension

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

Magento Product Grid Extension

Magento extended mass action extension aims at providing easy editing options for Magento store administrators. Editing the products, their attribute values, assigning categories, adding columns often takes more time for admin as their have to be done individually.

This magento product grid extension overcomes this issue by enabling administrators to edit directly on product grid page. Moreover, assigning values, or editing attributes can be done for large number of products at one go using the mass action feature.


Products attributes can be edited directly on product grid page

Assigning Category, Updating Special Price, Quantity can be done for any number of products at one go

Stock Status can be set to be enabled or disabled by the admin

Visibility of product attributes can be set through Show/Hide option

 Individual product edits can be saved or discarded

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Barbara Hogg

It's very easy for me to edit my product page by the grid view,instead of make changes on the backend. Thanks.

11 February 07:38

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