Magento Live Shipping Rates Extension

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Magento Extension: Magento Live Shipping Rates Extension

CMS: Magento Version: 1.4 Type: extension Extension Topic: Billing & Invoices

Magento StarTrack Shipping Extension

Now you can add the real time quotes/charges for star Track shipping services available in Australia to your online store!

Our StarTrack shipping extension can add this functionality to your online store! Just configure this magento extension and it will display you the exact rates of star track shipping for various destinations within Australia.

Core Features

Admin Settings

The admin can select the options for startrack shipping like, city, state, PIN code, shipping modes, and charges applied.

Admin Settings

Admin can select relevant length, height, width attributes as the charges are based on these and can also sent the error message when the selected shipping method is not available for specific city or location.

Shipping Method

It displays the shipping methods and the relevant rates for each method of Startrack.

  • Merchants Can Select Shipping Methods

    Merchant can select the types of shipping processes (road, airways, overnight etc.) for various destinations within Australia using this extension.

  • Add Handling Charges

    Merchant can also add handling fee or any other charge with the shipping rates, either flat rate or in percentage.

Users Gain

  • Get Real Time Shipping Rates for Selected Destination

    On selecting StarTrack as shipping method by the end users, it will display the current real-time shipping charges of Star Track applicable within Australia.

Note: Please note the shipping facility of Star Track is currently available only within Australia.

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