Magento Order Delivery Time Extension

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Magento Extension: Magento Order Delivery Time Extension

CMS: Magento Version: 1.4 Type: extension Extension Topic: Billing & Invoices

The fantastic Order Delivery Date Magento Extension developed by our Magento Expert will allow you handle orders seamlessly

Online retailers, especially, large sized business owners find it extremely difficult to manage orders from the back end. If managing the delivery date of orders is a nightmare for you then we at Biztech Consultancy have the best answer to your ecommerce problems. Our outstanding Magento Order Delivery Date Extension will help you streamline order management processes and save a lot of time and money. This Magento Extension has been developed using the best programming practices and coding standards.

Our Magento Developers have used leading -edge technologies to come up with this extension in a very short period of time. The extension offers an advanced configuration for the admin to decide where to capture delivery date from user. This can be done either from shipping method step or review step in the checkout process. Further, this magento extension also overrides files to display delivery date with order information so that admin does not have to change any files manually.

Features for your customers

Admin Settings

Admin can set the desired off dates and days, can disable specific period of time for order delivery, display shipping methods, and all necessary configuration as per preference.

Shipping Section

Users can write comments including time and date while placing an order from online shop in the checkout page.

Multiple Shipping Checkout

Customer can provide multiple shipping methods, delivery dates and addresses to accept the delivery of products in single checkout page.

Filters Order

Admin can filter and view number of orders on specific delivery dates.

Order Graph

Admin can view the graph of total number of orders for specific date slots.

  • Allows users to provide expected shipping arrival date
  • Users can also write comments while placing an order from your online shop
  • Users will not able to select previous dates
  • Option to display shipping arrival date and comment in order view page
  • Display shipping arrival date and comment in order confirmation email sent to customer
Features for the admin
  • Disable week off days (like Saturday and Sunday)
  • Specify on which step shipping arrival date should be display, whether it is on shipping method page or order review page
  • Mention on which format shipping arrival should display
  • Add shipping arrival date and comment while placing an order from admin panel

Mentioned below is the code you need to use for displaying shipping arrival date and comment while placing an order from admin panel.

echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('deliverydate/deliverydate')->setTemplate('deliverydate/date.phtml')->toHtml();

The Magento Order Delivery Date Extension is compatible with various Magento versions and is 100% bug-free and optimized for best performance. For more queries & technical support, feel free to get in touch with our Magento Extension Development Experts.

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