Magento Admin Actions Audit Log

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Magento Extension: Magento Admin Actions Audit Log

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Running an e-store with multiple store managers/user? Auditing of their actions can be your next step you would be thinking of! Admin Actions Audit Log Extension can help you! This extension can enable you track all the activities of your store managers or users with all details of activities performed.

Audit the Activities of Your Store Manager

You can efficiently monitor the activities of your admin/store manager and can have a good idea about their performance that can help you analyze the efficiency of your store manager and it can also help you take appropriate action accordingly for the betterment of your e-store.

Core Features:
  • Grid of Log Details

    It will allow you to have a complete chunk of detail, like actions taken, IP address, user name, time etc. to have a detail tracking of each store manager.

  • Log Actions of All Admin Users

    This will allow you to have a detail of all the actions of every user who have the backend access of your e-store.

  • Full Control On Actions of Store Managers

    You can control the actions performed by each manager by reviewing their actions and suggesting tips for better performance. This control may also help them improve their performance resulting in the betterment of your e-store! 

This could help you plan your promotional activities and better performance of your store managers! Let this extension enable you plan your store management impressively, leading to better performance of your business!

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