Magento Shop By Brand Extension

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Magento Extension: Magento Shop By Brand Extension

CMS: Magento Version: 1.5 Type: extension Extension Topic: Site Search

You can now add new features to offer more functionality to your store and enhanced shopping experience to your online customers!

We, at Biztech Consultancy, has rolled out Advanced Shop by Brand that will enable you upload the brand logos of the products on sale. Managing brand logos of your products from the admin side has never been so easy. These logos can be integrated effortlessly with your online store.

Core Features
  • Brand-wise Layered navigation

    The extension allows merchants to filter products by brands in the left-bar navigation.

  • Brands Menu

    You can add the brands menu to the frontend and let your visitors see the required brand with its products just in one click.

  • All Brands Page

    The Advance Shop By brand for Magento allows you to create a separate page containing all existed brands in the store.

  • Brand Detail Page

    Details of Brand and Product list of particular Brand will be displayed.

  • Limit Number of Brands in the Sidebar

    The module allows you to configure which manufacturers to display in the frontend. If the option is enabled, the manufacturer will be shown in the sidebar.

  • Prioritizing

    You have a possibility to define the priority of every manufacturer, so the most important ones will be displayed first. If the priority is not set up, manufacturers will be sorted in the order of creation.

  • Browse products based on Brands

    Allow customers to browse the products based on brands.

  • Search by Brand (Brand dropdown in search bar)

    Customer can search products from particular brand.

  • Brand logo on Product view page

    Brand logo can be displayed on product page

  • Brand Slider

    Brand slider can be displayed on any page by adding few lines of coding.

This extension can be enabled on multiple stores also in case you are running more than one store. The features would be made visible in all the sites or any one site or a few sites as configured by you.

This user-friendly extension is easy to install and gets easily integrated with your e-commerce store backend seamlessly without disturbing its layout and other functionalities.

Users Gain
  • Easy Brand Identification

    It allows your customers to identify the product brand available on your store easily due to the logo display.

  • Reduce Shopping Time and Efforts

    It will help reduce their shopping efforts and time and also provide an improved shopping experience.

This will bring them back to your e-store frequently!


In case you are using a custom magento theme, then you need to add the extension folder to the theme.

Follow the path like this: app/design/frontend/custom_package/custom_theme/template/extension folder

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