Magento Admin Order Comments Delete

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Magento Extension: Magento Admin Order Comments Delete

CMS: Magento Version: 1.5 Type: extension Extension Topic: Admin Desk

Admin Order Comment Delete Extension allows the admin of any e-store to remove the order comment, which has been added in the comment box only! Or else the admin can also authorize any other sub-admin for this task.

This extension allows the admin to remove unnecessary and mistaken comments for various orders, and keeps the website clean and up-to-date! Anyone else can also share the responsibility of deleting the unnecessary comments after having the authority to do so by the admin.

Core Features
  • Easy to Configure

    It can be configured to your Magento store easily! It will simply require you to follow some predefined steps.

  • Admin can Assign Authority to Others

    In addition, it’s not only admin that can handle the task of deleting unnecessary order comments but the right to delete comments can also be assigned to any other user, having access to backend.

  • Relevant Details of Deleted Comments Available

    All the relevant details of deleted comments can be viewed including order Id, name of the person who entered comment, order status when it was deleted, and its created date!

    Packed with all these features, Admin order comment delete extension is a useful and easy to configure extension for any e-store owner, making their e-store free from unnecessary comments!

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