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Magento Extension: MageFence

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: Admin Navigation

MageFence is a unique, complete security solution that keeps your website safe from the most common security threats. It acts as an additional layer of protection, blocking brute force attacks and other hacking attempts. It also performs an internal scans of your website on regular basis and notifies you about any potentially unwanted changes. MageFence offers variety of features that keep your website protection up-to-date, end implement the best security practices.

Magefence performs a security audit of your website powered by Magento, looking for security issues, not only vulnerabilities, but for actual problems and malware infections of your website. The Checklist feature allows you to easily find out if your website has been hacked, which security patches are not installed, are there any changed files or unauthorized users with admin privileges.


  • Scan your system for malware and check if your website has already been hacked
  • Scan the integrity of your website system files and detect potentially unwanted changes that can be result of malware infection
  • Schedule time and frequency of the scan so it doesn't interfere with your website's performance.
  • Detect admin users created without authorization and prevent hackers from harming your website by creating fake administrator accounts
  • Detect missing .htaccess files and restore them with default files
  • Lock out IP address after too many failed login attempts - you can set the number of attempts allowed and the amount of time IP address is locked out
  • Lock out anyone who tries to log in using wrong user name immediately.
  • Send email alerts about suspicious activities - changed files, brute force attacks and unauthorized users.
  • Optionally send an email notification every time admin user logs in
  • Check if all Magento® security patches are applied and see which patches are missing
  • Change your Admin Panel URL to the custom one, to make your admin panel location almost impossible to guess.
  • Change the Magento® Connect Manager URL to protect access to your website without affecting Magento® Connect functionality.

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