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Magento Extension: Apptha

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: e-Commerce Integrations

Apptha’s Magento 2 Marketplace Software is designed to perfection to help retailers with ecommerce plans to chart out a success story. The script is infused with state of the art online retail features like intuitive admin dashboard, multi information spewing analytics, web responsive theme, multiple product types, flexible commission rates for vendors and so on.

What makes the extension far lucrative as an option is that it is programmed on an open source coding platform that can be customized infinitely for desired output. The Magento 2 Multi Vendor extension also comes with some crowd pulling features like deals corner, product comparison, social media friendliness, admin dashboard, order management, Amazon cloud hosting, etc.

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A full packed script for ecommerce webstore comes with magento 2 functionalities. Webpage speed and vendor specific dashboard options are appreciatable.

13 February 01:29


A advance magento 2 marketplace software which makes my eCommerce website in a quick way. This script which has a advanced features so the eCommerce website very attractive.

10 November 11:59


i want to make a ecommerce website, i don't have any technical knowledge about how to make it. I just lookout this marketplace ecommerce software in a magento 2 ecommerce platform. What will be the cost.

26 March 02:20

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