Magento VAT Extension By FMEAddons

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Magento Extension: Magento VAT Extension By FMEAddons

CMS: Magento Version: 1.3 Type: extension Extension Topic: Shopping Cart

You can sell your products with without VAT on such countries where free trade agreements are prevailing with the help of Magento VAT extension By FMEAddons. This addon allows your customers to buy the products from you with zero VAT. There is the filter on the backend through which you can easily search the zero VAT invoices. You can also export zero VAT invoices in CSV file to manage properly.

Best Features of VAT Extension For Magento:

 - VAT information is also available in email and PDF invoices
 - You can merge VAT taxes have same tax numbers
 - Set VAT invoices on top in system
 - Deals with invoices having VAT ID either it is set or not.
 - Deals with invoices having tax amount set to zero

Download: Magento VAT Extension



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