Multiple Warehouses

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Magento Extension: Multiple Warehouses

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: Maps & Locations

The best solution in warehouse management system.

- Automatically choose the nearest warehouse to the shipping address

- Help decline significantly the shipping cost and time

- Free customer support

- Free extension updates

- All our extensions come open source

Key features

Admins can:

    • Administrators can add warehouse , specify it's name, it's postal code, its address

magento multiple warehouse

    • Administrators can manage the existing warehouse, edit, delete the warehouse

multiple warehouse

    • Each warehouse have location and email contact for each

magento different warehouses

    • Specify shipping carriers on a per warehouse basis

magento warehouse location

    • Support different shipping carrier logins per warehouse

magento multiple warehouse inventory


Customers can:

    • Extension automatically choose the nearest warehouse among the multiple warehouse. So the customers have minimum shipping price.

warehouse management

    • If the order is shipped from multiple warehouse then the extension automatically split the order into sub-order correspondent to the warehouse.

warehouse management software

    • An automatically email is sent emails to each warehouse when orders are created

magento warehouse management

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