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Magento Extension: Magento Instagram Connect Pro

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Instagram is gaining popularity day by day and magento store owners are in search of various ways to integrate it with Magneto stores. Magento Instagram Connect Pro extension by MageComp provides you a fabulous way to use Instagram images in Magento. You can connect Instagram profile with Magento, fetch images based on hashtags and users, use Instagram page to show images in popup with multiple titles and links and enjoy the benefit of increased traffic and sales.

 Why choose MageComp’s Magento Instagram Connect Pro extension:

·         Displays Instagram images and Videos on home page and product page                                                 

·         Disable/enable module for different page type                                                  

·         Shows images/Videos in more view section and product details section of product page.

·         Displays images/Videos even in product tab section of product page.                                       

·         You can Specify number of pictures & Videos to be displayed on home page, product page and Instagram page.    

·         Doesn’t require Instagram account authentication to use the extension.

·         Use hashtags & users to fetch and display images and videos based on selected topic.     

·         You can add multiple Instagram users and hashtags to the list to fetch images/Videos from.         

·         Fetches number of images based on entered usernames or hashtags.      

·         Two different views of Instagram image popup in Instagram page: Title with link or Product Blocks.                                                           

·         Displays navigation in image/videos popup to navigate through various Instagram images.            

·         Option for Auto plays Instagram videos in popup.                                                             

·         Option to show Instagram images and videos in left and right sidebar.                                     

·         Able to display number of images to show in left and right sidebar.                                                           

·         Option to add UTM tracking code, it can be added to product URLs to better analyze conversions through Instagram extension.

·         Specify campaign name, medium and source to add UTM tracking URLs to products.                        

·         One click to update image list based on set configuration.                                                            

·         Option for approving images before use.                                                              

·         Delete approved images and save them back to new images section.                                       

·         Add or edit image related information like title, link from Approved Images Manager.                     

·         Set Link image titles to redirect visitors to a particular page.                                                        

·         Drag & drop pins on images from backend to automatically set top and left positions and show hotspots on frontend.                            

·         Set a unique product ID to each hotspot to redirect users to particular product & encourage them purchase.                                                

·         Users can filter Instagram images and videos on frontend based on usernames or hashtags.          

·         Option to show Instagram profile URL in popup on frontend.                                                       

·         Post media resolution type selection options available                                                   

·         You can even set Caption, likes and comment can be shown along with Instagram images.             

·         Responsive lightbox popup on Instagram page to show images and videos.                                           

·         Displays hotspots on product image on hover of various titles or product blocks in popup.             

·         Contains Own widget to show Instagram images on any page.                     


·         Set tag per product.

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