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MageAnts Provide Store Locator Extension For Magento 2

Increase the online visibility of your offline store outlets by adding their locations on your website. Add the locations on the appropriate product view pages of your brand’s website using our extension.

  • Create unlimited store locations for your brand on your website.
  • Make your website more informative for the viewers with better insights.
  • Add information like store images, assign products to stores, customer reviews, etc
  • Add the Google Maps location for the listed stores.
  • Search by distance’ feature to locate an outlet at specified distance.

How Does It Work?

This simple store locator extension can be integrated to your e-com website. When your customers are looking for an offline outlet, they can visit it and immediately locate the nearest stores. All they need to do is enter 2 simple details:

  • City
  • Radius
  • Measurement Unit

Why Needed

With the entire public sphere going virtual, it would be highly loss incurring to not make your offline stores visible on the internet. Maps and navigation have become the immediate assistance of people whenever they need to find an offline store. That is why it is very important that all the outlets of your brand have the required online visibility.

A simple solution to comprehensively locate all your stores is using our Store Locator Extension.

Why MageAnts?

  • Free Life-time update for availing better features and functionality
  • 90 days free support by our expert team
  • 30 days money back guarantee, in case you aren’t satisfied with the product.

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