Magento Custom Options Absolute Price

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Magento Extension: Magento Custom Options Absolute Price

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Sometimes you need to add some extra charges on product which is independent of quantities, base price and any other relative changes applied on your product. In such case, default Magento lacks the functionality to fulfill your requirement as it only provides with two custom option types i.e Fixed and percentage. Custom Options Absolute Price by Magecomp allows you adding absolute custom option type on your product. This helps setting one time charges on products.

Why you should choose MageComp’s Magento Custom Option Absolute Price:

1.       With this extension you can charge one off charges to your Magento store products. There are various uses of products on which absolute pricing needs to be added, here are just few examples.


  1. ·         One Day Delivery Charges
  2. ·         Tooling charges for printing
  3. ·         Extended Warranty or Guarantee Charges
  4. ·         Gift Wrapping Charges
  5. ·         Personalization: Custom Message, Stamping, Engraving

2.       The extension supports all Magento default product types:


  1. ·         Simple
  2. ·         Virtual
  3. ·         Bundle
  4. ·         Grouped products

3.       Absolute price is directly added to checkout only once.

Install the extension to charge store products with one time fees or additional charges.

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