Responsive One Step Checkout Magento

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Magento Extension: Responsive One Step Checkout Magento

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: Shopping Cart Unique tags: Magento onepage one step checkout one page onestep onestepcheckout extension

Magento one step checkout by FME, as the name describes, simplifies the checkout step and shrinks it into a one step process. It means all the checkout steps i.e. billing, shipping, review etc. will appear on a single page which will make it user friendly and prevent customers from abandoning at this very last step. This is a 100 % responsive and flexible one page checkout extension and can be accessed from any hand held device. Moreover, it has AJAX based loading feature which further speeds up the process. Faster checkout boosts sales to an amazing extent. 

Features - Magento One Page Checkout

This one page checkout Magento extension offers the following exciting features.

  • Ajax based 100% responsive checkout
  • Google suggest auto fill
  • Ask customer sources (How they found you?)
  • Add comment area
  • Register customer on checkout
  • Customize theme
  • Customize color scheme
  • Supports all major payment gateways
  • Enable coupon code
  • Custom checkout title & description

For more features & demo, visit Magento One Step Checkout



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