Magento 2 Admin Mobile App

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Manage your Magento 2 store backend from mobile with MageMob Admin extension and mobile app package. Manage products, check order details, track order fulfilment - all from your mobile app!

MageMob Admin is a Magento 2 Mobile Assistant Extension - which is a perfect resource to manage your Magento 2 Store from the backend of your mobile. No matter where you are, it is possible to keep a track of order details, notifications, track order fulfilment and do much more with the help of our smart Magento 2 store mobile application. It’s time to drive away the store administration uncertainties!

It is a user-friendly magento admin mobile app which gives you a detailed view of order list, details of products listed and other information. You will also find a customized dashboard having visual and textual description of total order.

Core Features

- Simple integration and user-friendly UI

- Filters orders, products and sales of specific stores

- Displays order status instantly i.e. successfully delivered, pending etc

- Displays product list and details

- Provides customer details, like order details along with shipping and billing addresses

- Provides notification to the store merchant when new order is placed with every detail

- Customizable dashboard that can generate store-wise graphical sales report of specific duration i.e. 7 days, 30 days or 90 days

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