Magento Mobile App Builder

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Get Native Mobile Apps for your Magento Store

MageMob App Builder for Magento is a mobile app extension which helps you to build a custom mobile app for your Magento Store easily and quickly. Apps built with MageMob App Builder are optimized for both Android and iOS platforms and are mobile responsive.

Get A 100% Native Mobile App for Magento

Magento Mobile App Builder gives you all the flexibility without the headache of developing your application from the ground up.

Why Use Magento Mobile App Builder?

  • Anytime Access

Customers can access your Magento store from anywhere! Magento Mobile App Builder lets you leverage the power of m-commerce.


  • Native Apps

Since the Apps created with our extension are native, you get to provide the best user experience on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Cost Effective

The app helps you drastically decrease the investment needed for developing and publishing Mobile App for Magento Store.


  • Larger Outreach

MageMob App Builder helps increase your customer base, since your store can potentially be present on every smartphone.

  • Increased Sales

The user-friendliness and mobility increase the overall sales from your Magento store and makes your ecommerce business a success.

  • Satisfied Customers

You can have more contented customers by offering them flexibility of accessing your store from their iPhones & Android devices.

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