Magento 2 Free Gift Extension

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Magento Extension: Magento 2 Free Gift Extension

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Magento 2 Free Gift Extension is an extremely powerful tool with more functionality than default Magento 2 promotions. This Magento 2 extension allows you easily to create and apply a wide variety of free gifts. The free gifts will be added to your customer carts automatically when the conditions are met, or be added when customers enter valid coupon codes. Also, these rules can be customized to allow discounts on particular products, customer groups, quantity restrictions, and much more.

The purpose of a promotion is to turn a customer’s interest in a product into a commitment to purchase it. With Magento 2 Free Gift, you can increase average order value through targeted promotions as well as create opportunities for customer engagement.

1. Create and apply a wide variety of free gifts
2. Add free gift to cart automatically once customers’ meeting conditions
3. Create custom message about free gift in the cart
4. Apply cart price rules for specific storeviews of multisite store
5. Apply cart price rules for specific customer groups
6. Create various kinds of conditions to allow customer getting promotional gift including cart attibute: subtotal, quantity, weight, payment method, shipping method, shipping address,...
7. Be able to use coupon as a condition to get free gift
8. Be able to limit number of free gift per customer
9. Set the period of time of the free gift program
10. Create many kinds of promotional gift such as percentage discount, fix discount or free gift
11. Use many types of products consisting of simple product, configurable product and virtual product to be free gift

1. Be more convenient and easier to run marketing campains on Magento 2 webstore
2. Increase efficience of promotion program on the website
3. Turn a customers’ interest in your products into a commitment to buy them quickly and efficiently
4. Encourage customers to buy more than their demands
5. Create opportunitues to build customer relationship

With all the features and benefits of Magento 2 Free Gift above, why don’t you try and use it for your Magento 2 store?


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