Magento 2 Pending Customer

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Magento Extension: Magento 2 Pending Customer

CMS: Magento Version: 2.1 Type: extension Extension Topic: Automatic translations Unique tags: magento 2 extension pending customer

To create a private store or assign limited store, access to customer, sometimes store owner need to manually analyze and approved store account from the backend.

Magento 2 Pending Customer Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to have full control over store customer by manually approve customer registration using backend options. Also, the extension will send a notification email to both store customer that account is held for moderation and notify store admin about new customer registration.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Pending Customer:

        Option to enable extension as per need.

        Store admin can add email to get notified for store frontend registration.

        You can select email sender as well as email template from backend options.

        Convenient grid management system to manually approve customer registration at once.

        The extension will automatically prohibited frontend login until account gets approved.

        You can make use of default Magento functionality for export or delete store customer.

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