Magento Etsy Integrator by Knowband

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Magento Extension: Magento Etsy Integrator by Knowband

CMS: Magento Version: 1.9 Type: extension Extension Topic: e-Commerce Integrations Unique tags: Magento Etsy API integrator Connector extension

Magento Etsy Integration Module designed and developed by Knowband allows the eCommerce merchants to integrate their store with the Etsy marketplace. The cron options offered by Etsy Magento integrator enables easy listing of the products in bulk, inventory and orders management in a few simple steps. The uninterrupted connection between the site and the marketplace offers the quickest means to go for multi-channel selling. 

Steps to integrate your Magenot site with Etsy marketplace: 

  • Buy the Etsy Magento integrator from the Knowband store and install it in your site.
  • Enable the Magento Etsy integration module and enter the API details in order to set up the connection.
  • Once the connection is setup, the admin can list the products and manage the orders from a single interface, that is, from the back-end of the Magento Etsy integrator.

Admin Features offered by Knowband’s Etsy Magento Integration Extension:

Real-time Synchronization: The user-friendly interface and the cron jobs of Etsy Magento Integration module offers automatic synchronization between the store and marketplace. Any changes made at the site will be automatically synced with the marketplace.

Profile-based Listing: Magento Etsy Integration plugin offers profile-based inventory management. With this approach of Etsy Magento Integration, the store admin can upload the products in bulk. The products of the mapped category in the profile are listed at Etsy by executing cron in the back-end of Etsy Magento connector.

Easy Category Mapping: The one-to-many category mapping offered by Magento Etsy connector allows the admin to map the categories as well as attributes with ease. 

Shipment: The Etsy Magento Integrator allows the admin to add shipping methods and manage the shipment with ease. 

Effortless Order Processing: The orders received from the Etsy is synced with the Magento store by executing cron offered by Magento Etsy integrator and processed like any other order of the Magento store. The order status can be changed and synced with the marketplace at a few button clicks from the back-end of the Etsy Magento Synchronization module.

Audit Log: The store admin can even track the status of the various task executing in the back-end in the audit log section of Magento Etsy synchronization extension.

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