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Do you own an online store which contains a lot of abandoned carts? Magento abandoned cart extension by Knowband is the best eCommerce solution to fill out all those abandoned carts in a single click. Magento abandoned cart alert extension offers an email marketing tactic to influence the customers to complete the purchase at their store. With Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert, admin can quickly fill those abandoned carts and increase conversion rates with ease. Sending automated discount emails triggers your customer and potentially converts the abandoned carts into leads.

What are the highlights of Knowband's Magento abandoned cart alert extension?

1. Magento abandoned cart module tracks all the abandoned carts and sends automated follow-up emails to corresponding customers so that they complete their order at the store.

2. Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert can be sent to both logged-in and guest customer. In the case of guest customer, a non-discount email can be sent.

3. Magento abandoned cart module enables admin to fix a time period after which the cart is considered as abandoned and a reminder email is triggered.

4. Magento abandoned cart alert extension offers cart follow-up emails which can be sent to the customer in manual or automatic order.

5. The cron job can be enabled or disabled from the backend. The cron functionality of Magento abandoned cart extension automatically refreshes the abandoned cart list for the store.

6. The serial cart reminder emails are fully-configurable with Magento abandoned cart plugin.

7. Magento abandoned cart extension offers personalized emails or bulk emails for discount and non-discount type.

8. Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert module creates an N number of serial cart reminders offering varying discounts, coupon validity and cart delays.

9. Magento abandoned cart email extension provides an organized list view to abandoned carts and converted carts of a website.

10. Magento abandoned cart email extension supports multiple languages.

11. Magento abandoned cart email extension offers a simple comparison between abandoned and converted cart statistics.

12. Magento abandoned cart plugin lets you send a custom reminder email to each customer and bulk emails to multiple customers.

13. Magento abandoned cart extension offers a mobile responsive UI.

14. The recovery follow-up emails can be configured as a discount email or non-discount email.

What are some great benefits of Magento abandoned cart notification module by Knowband?

1. Magento abandoned cart notification seamlessly boosts sales and conversions of a website.

2. Magento abandoned cart alert extension helps admin to understand the cart preferences and shopping behavior of the customer.

3. Abandoned cart emails help in recovering the abandoned carts, generating leads for the store.

4. Magento abandoned cart plugin offers simple to install and configuration.

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