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Magento Extension: Auto Subcribe - Magento Extension

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Well if you are an e-commerce store owner and facing a cut-throat competition in the market then you need some type of strategies to stand out in the market.

Hence, as a store owner required some module which will help you to increase the list of subscriber’s. Hence, here is a module named as Auto Subscribe - Magento Extension. 

Auto Subscribe - Magento Extension by Knowband offers the hassle-free subscription form where the visitors are required to enter the name and respective email id.

Magento Newsletter Subscribe provides the functionality of MailChimp Integration which helps to directly sync the email id of the customer to the MailChimp Admin account. With the help of the auto-subscribe plugin, the store Admin can easily send the notification regarding the store update or offers by using the Integration tools.

Magento Email subscribe module allows the store to make the changes easily by customizing the templates, background images, and logo of the store.

The Auto Subscribe Extension helps to increase the traffic of the store and also increases the Rate of interest of the e-commerce store.



  • Magento Auto Subscribe offers functionality to customize the module without facing any annoyance.
  • MailChimp Integration offers an easy and hassles free installation.
  • Auto Subscription - Magento module provides an option to customize the "Subscription form" by just setting the title, description and button text.

  • Auto Subscribe Extension offers an auto-subscribe event feature which can be used to auto-subscribe the customers for the newsletter. While the customer will go for the registration, checkout, and guest checkout.

  • Magento store admin has the option to choose where s/he wants to show the pop-up/Subscription form.

  • Magento subscription module offers the feature to make the choice between the number of days after s/he wants to show the subscription form again to the customers.
  • Magento store Admin has an option to display the message after successful subscription.
  • Auto-subscribe email Integration offers an option to design the email templates.

  • Magento email Subscription pop-up is compatible with all types of digital devices like- mobile, laptops and tablets.
  • Magento SUbscription module offers support with 17 different languages.
  • Magento email Newsletter Subscription module supports multiple stores.
  • MailChimp Extension offers different option to display the subscription form in different ways.
  • Magento store Admin has an option to include the jQuery by just enabling/disabling the toggle button.

Benefits for Admin:-

  • Magento MailChimp Integration helps to increase the list of Subscribers.
  • Magento store Admin can send the notification regarding the offers available and also for a promotional purpose.
  • Magento Auto Subscribe Integration helps to increase the traffic of the store and offers the option which can help to increase the rate of interest(ROI) of the store.
  • Magento Newsletter Subscription offers an option to enable/disable the subscription form by just one click.

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