Australia Post eParcel For Magento 1

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Magento Extension: Australia Post eParcel For Magento 1

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The Appjetty is leading Australia Post eParcel Extension API Integration/ Implementation for Magento.


Magento Australia Post eParcel enables you to handle eParcel Shipping directly from your Magento e-store. Using this extension, Australian e-store owners can manage consignments, fetch contract rates, track shipments and print consignment labels. Now, no manual data import or export, no unnecessary expenditure on label printing and no more data entry errors in trying to add data to eParcel Portal!


Manage the Consignments


The number of consignments, the size, and type of them keep changing based on the business you have. Now, since the official Australia eParcel works for all Australian ecommerce store owners, it might have some limitations with generating customized articles. The extension enables you to create customized articles even if it is for a single shipment. Not just that, you can also save the parameters for the defined weight and dimension and use it for some other time.


Australia post eParcel shipping extension also enables you to send consignments for label printing by creating automatic manifests for them. And after you have submitted the consignments and generated labels, you can also generate return labels by submitting return label request. It is also possible to create and download consignment labels in bulk.


Customize Shipping Rules


You might or might not want to follow the general shipping rules. In the case of which you can set your own shipping rules and create the shipment range. You can apply the rule along with shipping costs using the extension. In case you want to charge your customers with extra shipping costs or manage charge codes for a particular shipping rule, you can also do that. This feature brings in a lot of freedom for Australian e-store owners who are bound by shipping rules.


Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, you can also manage shipping methods for your e-store using a superior quality extension wherein you can define them, set charge codes and do much more.


An eParcel shipping extension that Works for Me


Manage Shipping Methods

  • Verify Addresses

  • Provide Shipment tracking

  • Set Shipping Rules

  • Create Manifest Summary Reports

  • Generate Bulk Labels & Shipments

  • Generate Mass Consignments


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