Store Locator with Google maps

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Opencart Extension: Store Locator with Google maps

CMS: OpenCart Version: 1.5.1 Type: extension Extension Topic: Maps & Locations

Help customers locate your stores, dealers, distributors, products or services. Store Locator is user friendly, simple yet flexible geo location and directions service with worldwide location support.
Adds the ability to store and manage locations in OpenCart to build a store locator. Upon installing this extension a new menu item appears in the admin area under extensions called Store Locator. A feature of the admin area is if you fill in the address information and leave the longitude and latitude blank, it will look that information up for you using the Google API.

Please replace the google API key in the code with your own, you can generate one here:


  •     Well organized, easy to use, professionally designed and customizable interface
  •     Integrated Google Map
  •     Show map on the product page if product(s) is assigned
  •     Add (bulk) product to the map
  •     Enable/disable category search
  •     CSV import with auto coordinates insert (example csv included)
  •     Database optimization with one click
  •     Provides directions to any defined location
  •     Search by address and/or postcode
  •     Comments store
  •     Info page with opening hours and QR code
  •     Rating for each store
  •     Description and opening hours
  •     Unlimited categories
  •     Geolocation customer
  •     Street View
  •     Starting location
  •     Starting zoom (4 to 11)
  •     Store listing pagination or scrolling
  •     Bouncing effect
  •     Logs, clear log
  •     Custom Map Location Icon
  •     Hovering a pin on the map or a retailer in the listing
  •     Autoinstaller
  •     and more


  •     OpenCart 1.5.1.x or higher
  •     VQMOD 2.x (

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