Specials by category module

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Opencart Extension: Specials by category module

CMS: OpenCart Version: 1.5.1 Type: extension Extension Topic: Admin Desk

demo: http://opencartwork.com/spbc/

***UPDATED >>> Now , if you add the module to the category layout, the module will display the special products from the category you are visiting (EX: If you go to the Desktop category page, the module will display the special products from the desktop category). Also, the module will hide if it doesnt contain products***

Compatibility: Opencart 1.5.1.x - 1.5.2.x - 1.5.3 - - 1.5.4 - - 1.5.5 - - 1.5.6

admin demo: http://opencartwork.com/spbc/admin/

password: demo username: demo

Once logged in admin , navigate to extension > modules to the Specials by category module.

This module displays special priced products from specific category.

You can set modules for every category (as many as you want actually) and set how many best selling products to display for every category.

The thumb size for module is the same as product listing in category and you can change it in admin > system >setting > tab image.

This is a sepparate module then the default specials module

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Hello! I need this module. Where can I download it? How much does it cost?

29 March 09:15

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