Opencart GeoIP Filter By FmeAddons

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Opencart Extension: Opencart GeoIP Filter By FmeAddons

CMS: OpenCart Version: 1.5.1 Type: extension Extension Topic: Geotagging

GeoIP Ultimate Lock is an Opencart module released by FmeAddons which enables you to block access to your website from different regions, countries, or any specific IP address. This Opencart GeoIP Filter not only secures your website from spam bots, but you can get rid of unwanted traffic. You create & prioritize different security access rules to automate this process. Security access rules can be configured to run for a specific time.


  • VQMOD supported
  • IP exceptions are supported
  • Maxmind database
  • Show custom message to blocked visitors
  • Multi-Language

More Details: Opencart GeoIP Filter

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