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Prestashop Extension: Maxi-Promos

CMS: Prestashop Version: 1.3 Type: module Extension Topic: e-Commerce Integrations


Offer your customers customized promotions to help you increase your average cart! Maxi-Promos offers a variety of different promotional rules allowing you to completely customize your discounts.

Merchant Benefits

  •     The promotional rules you define incentivize you customers to spend more!
  •     Increase your average cart value!
  •     Define rules to help sell products that are not selling as well as others.


Promotional rules:

This module allows you to customize your promotion rules in so many different ways. It is easy to get lost in the different amazing capabilities of this module but once integrated in your back office; it’s super easy to manage! Customize your promotional rules in the following different ways:

By spending amount:

  •     Discount depending on cart total: 5% discount for carts between 1000€ and 1500€, 10% for cart over 1500€
  •     X€ bought in categories cat1, cat2, ... => 10% off on these products
  •     X€ bought in categories cat1, cat2, ... => 5% on the least expensive product
  •     X€ bought in categories cat1, cat2, ... => 5€ per product in categories cat10, cat11...

By amount of products:

  •     1 product bought in a specific categories => 1 product for free
  •     3 product bought in a specific category => X% off of the least expensive product
  •     2 products bought in 2 categories cat1, cat2.. => 10% off on all categories cat11, cat11
  •     3products bought in cat1, cat2 => 15% off of the least expensive product in categories cat10, cat11
  •     5 products bought in cat1, cat2 => 10€ off per product in categories cat 10, cat11
  •     3 products bought in cat1, cat2 => 15€ off on the least expensive product in categories cat10, cat1, so 6 products implies 2x15€ on the 2 cheapest.

By price:

  •     receive 10€ for every  500€ purchased in categories cat1, cat2

Free shipping:

  •     Buy 3 products in cat1, cat2,... => free shipping
  •     Spend 1000€ in cat1, cat2... => free shipping

Discount Products:

  •     500€ bought, except discount products, in categories cat1, cat2... => 10% off categories cat10, cat11
  •     3 products bought in cat1, cat2... => 5% on cat10, cat11, except discounted products

The module can detect which products belong in each category. It can also detect identical products or identical combinations from these categories. For example: for 4 iPods Blue bought, the 4th is free

Discount attribution:

The computated discount are automatically placed by the module into the current cart as vouchers.

In each rule configuration, you may decide to sent by email the voucher to the customer instead of placing it into the cart. Your customer will have to place a new order to use this voucher.

Configuration principle:

Through the configuration page in your back-office, you can define your different promotional rules. Some may be individual promotions or they can be combined.

For each rule, you define:

  •     Global information, like valid dates, customer groups to which it applies....
  •     Attribution criteria, like number of products offering the promotion, the categories, suppliers they belong to....
  •     How to compute the promotion, whether a discount is a percentage or currency amount
  •     How to apply the promotion, either directly applied to current cart or discount sent be email
  •     When a customer modifies his cart content, the module automatically reviews your promotion rules. For each product, it verifies if the attribution criteria are met and then automatically add/removes discounts from the cart.
  •     For a discount by e-mail, the module sends the vouchers to the customer when his cart reaches a state that is defined in the global configuration of the module. The validity dates of these email vouchers are customizable. 

Additional Information:

  •     Promotional products may be filtered, either in the attribution criteria or in the commutation: by category, by suppliers, by manufacturers, by products with discounts, by products with quantity price rules…
  •     You decide if the automatic vouchers generated by the modules may be combined with other vouchers (ps 1.4 only)
  •     Configure order amount thresholds with or without taxes.
  •     Configure all discount percentages and all currency discounts

TheModule is compatible with the Multi-shop feature :

Each rule defined in the module configuration applies to one or several shops.

Customer Benefits

Your customer can enjoy several different discounts on your e-shop. This could help them save money by purchasing more products at a discount.

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